Hi there! First of all, if you just want to know some basic things about me, check out my CV here

Let me introduce myself: I am Robin Bosma, graduated as a Master of Arts at the Utrecht School of Arts and Technology (USAT), where i studied Game Design and Development. I started designing at the age of six, by making board- and roleplaying games. When I grew older, I started doing a bit of coding as well, working with the Warcraft III engine mostly, but also by using Game Maker. Later on, this changed into using actual programming languages, such as Pascal, Prolog, and when I entered the Utrecht School of Arts: Action Script (Flash), C# (Unity and XNA), Javascript, HTML, PHP, SQL and more.

At the moment I do both design and programming when I am in a project and capable of combining the two. Apart from that, I do a lot of design in my spare time as well, including writing and world building. If you want to see anything of that, or if you want to look at some more projects I have made, you can send me an e-mail (just fill in the contact form), and I would happily show them to you.


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