Genre: Dating Game
Team: Just me
My Role: Programmer, Designer and ‘Artist’
Made in: Unity with C#
Project Date: November 2017
Project Duration: 120 hours

As a wrapper for the present I gave to a friend for the celebration of Sint Nicholas (Dutch Christmas), I made this variation of Tinder with characters from roleplaying games she and I play. The application is playable on smartphone, as well as PC.


Work at SRS


Team: 2 Programmers
My Role: Programmer
Made in: Visual Studio with C#
Project Date: 2016-2018
Project Duration: Ongoing

My work at SRS involved all sorts of C# programming, such as integrating SDKs to make scanners and atm machines work, using pipes, soap and webservices to maintain connection with existing php and delphi code, and reconstructing existing C# code to allow adaptations to the code.

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City Bus Simulator 2015


Genre: Parking Game
Team: One 3D Artist, One 2D Artist, One Programmer
My Role: Programmer and Designer
Made in: Unity with C#
Project Date: May 2015
Project Duration: 20 days
Downloads: over 5 million
Despite little time to build it, City Bus Simulator 2015 ended up being incredibly succesful, with a fully integrated AI and traffic system and modular city blocks that could be re-used in a matter of seconds.

Bachelor/Master Project: Rip


Genre: Puzzle Game
Team: Just me
My Role: Programmer and Designer
Made in: Unity with C#
Project Date: Februari 3 2014
Project Duration: 6 Months

Mendel’s Meesterwerk


Genre: Serious Game
Team: 3 Artists, 1 Programmer/Designer, 2 Programmers, 1 Producer
My Role: Programmer and Designer
Made in: QT Creator with C++ and XML
Project Date: September 16 2013
Project Duration: 3.5 months

Kusters Kubus


Genre: Casual Game
Team: 1 Programmer/Designer, 1 Artist, 1 Artist/Designer
My Role: Designer
Made in: Cardboard
Project Date: March 21 2013
Project Duration: 48 hours