Sample Scripts

Click on the links below if you want to examine some of the code I have written.


Februari 2014 Master Project Prototype:

Code that was made hastily (the entire project, including this and all the other classes, images and level design was made in 3 days time) . The file shows a picture of the final result, with below the code of the primary class: the “level manager”, the class that takes care of managing everything that happens within a level. For an instance, it will load a new level, rebuild levels, and after it receives some input (from another class that manages the input), takes care of what that input should do within that level.

March 2015 Resource Handler:

Based on a construction game that I had to make, in which no one had a clue how many or even what kind of resources (such as lumber, iron, or gold) would be put into the game, I made a Resource Handler class that would allow me to easily change the resources later on. New resources could be simply added by expanding the TypeOfResource enum, and the code would still function appropriately. The paste binned code is based on the initial code made for that game.


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