Genre: Dating Game
Team: Just me
My Role: Programmer, Designer and ‘Artist’
Made in: Unity with C#
Project Date: November 2017
Project Duration: 120 hours

As a wrapper for the present I gave to a friend for the celebration of Sint Nicholas (Dutch Christmas), I made this variation of Tinder with characters from roleplaying games she and I play. The application is playable on smartphone, as well as PC.

My Task:
All parts of the game. Ui design is mostly based on the dating app Tinder.

I like Tabletop Roleplaying Games. I like Tabletop Roleplaying Games a lot and I am lucky enough to have enough friends that feel the same way. I have always wanted to make a Tinder based application using our beloved characters and for the celebration of Sint Nicholas, I finally had a reason to do so.

The game includes 25 profiles, of which more than half of them have dialogs. For this purpose, I wrote a Xml parser, that can easily store the dialogs with its dialog lines and profile information, in a xml file. For the achievements I used an event based system.


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