Work at SRS


Team: 2 Programmers
My Role: Programmer
Made in: Visual Studio with C#
Project Date: 2016-2021
Project Duration: 5 years

My work at SRS involved all sorts of C# programming, such as integrating SDKs to make scanners and atm machines work, using pipes, soap and webservices to maintain connection with existing php and delphi code, and reconstructing existing C# code to allow adaptations to the code.

My Task:
Maintenance, new development and ongoing bug fixes.

Projects: 6

At SRS I got to work on six major projects. These projects were maintained through the entirety of the project duration, and I was responsible for keeping these functioning.

TouchPass > an application that uses fingerprint readers for authorization and allowing users to log in to the existing cash register written in delphi.
Handterminals > I worked on four types of handterminal to use our software, that communicated with the SRS webservice through soap.
Atm Machines > I made a library that supported two types of atm machines (worldline and six payment), and connected with the cash register through pipes.
Qlikview > mostly maintenance on an existing C# application.
Sorter > maintenance on a sorter application that sorts thousands of packages each day and distributes it to the right firm.
Utility Projects > Loggers, Pipe connection, XML parsers; all accompanied with unit tests, and made to be included in future and current C# projects.

I also worked on the php webservices, and sql migrations.


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