City Bus Simulator 2015


Genre: Parking Game
Team: One 3D Artist, One 2D Artist, One Programmer
My Role: Programmer and Designer
Made in: Unity with C#
Project Date: May 2015
Project Duration: 20 days
Downloads: over 5 million
Despite little time to build it, City Bus Simulator 2015 ended up being incredibly succesful, with a fully integrated AI and traffic system and modular city blocks that could be re-used in a matter of seconds.

My Task:
Programming and level design. I was also responsible for implementing everything in the final game.

VascoGames was, apart from my internship, the first company I worked at, and it gave me an interesting insight in how the current mobile market works these days. Even though I only worked a little less than half a year at the company (due to medical reasons I had to quite early), I have made about 20 games while in employment, of which City Bus Simulator 2015 was the game I undoubtedly worked the longest on and likewise had the most downloads. Of course, the game is still far from perfect. But considering the short amount of time, I think this game is something to be proud of.

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