Bachelor/Master Project: PaperPath (formerly known as Rip)


Genre: Puzzle Game
Team: Just me
My Role: Programmer and Designer
Made in: Unity with C#
Project Date: Februari 3 2014
Project Duration: 6 Months

My Task:
All parts of the game, exept for the final art and sound (which was done by two other students of the Utrecht School of Arts).

Rip was made for both my Bachelor and my Master. My Bachelor focused on making the game, while my Master used the research done for the game Rip, to discover more about puzzle games in general, which I could then use to make Rip a better game.

Rip is a 2D casual puzzle game with over 100 levels to play. Its goal is to make a connection between multiple positions on the map, by ripping and relocating pieces of paper that can connect them.

The game was made over the course of six months, in which it was play tested every two weeks. The images below show how the game has evolved during those months.


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