Amantha’s Day Off


Genre: Interactive Comic/Puzzle Game
Team: Just me
My Role: Programmer, Designer and ‘Artist’
Made in: Unity with C#
Project Date: November 2018
Project Duration: 150 hours

As a wrapper for the present I gave to a friend for the celebration of Sint Nicholas (Dutch Christmas), I made this interactive comic, in which you can swap the panels to change the story. Images are photoshopped versions of images found online.


My Task:
All parts of the game/comic, although most of the images were found online. I take no credit for that, other than photoshopping it to fit the comic 😉

Each year with Sint Nicholas, my friends and I spend a lot of time creating cool and exciting ways to present our presents. Some make board games, some make escape rooms, or pies based on characters from our roleplaying games. I make games. This year I have taken one of my old concepts out of the idea box, to make a comic in which the reader can swap panels to make different events happen at different times, thus changing the story. Swap the panel with the key before the door is encountered, and the protoganist can open the door.

The story is based upon one of our D&D stories and made in the hours after work.





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