Kusters Kubus


Genre: Casual Game
Team: 1 Programmer/Designer, 1 Artist, 1 Artist/Designer
My Role: Designer
Made in: Cardboard
Project Date: March 21 2013
Project Duration: 48 hours

My Task:
Core Game Design and Level Design (designing various cubes).

The Kusters Cube (Kusters Kubus) was made for the forty year anniversary of Kusters Metal. The sheet was used to make a cube, on which a 3d maze was printed, that could then be solved. Both making the cube and solving the maze was a little brain teaser that took a couple of minutes to solve.

The Kusters Cube was developed for the event that was set up for the celebration of Kusters Metal’s forty year anniversary, as Kusters Metal required a little “fun” gift to be distributed amongst the guests. The Kusters Cube was choosen amongst a variety of ideas pitched at Kusters Metal, because it can be solved by anyone: young and old (and the guest list included both adults and children), but still had a little bit creativity (a 3D maze, instead of a 2D maze) and technique (the making of the cube) in it.

At the 20th of April, the Kusters Cube was presented, at which 500 copies of the cube were printed out and ready to be distributed. And although not all the copies were used at the event itself, we quickly discovered that the Kusters Cube was certainly appreciated and taken home by many.


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