Genre: Shooter/Survival Game
Team: 1 Programmer/Designer, 1 Sound Designer
My Role: Programmer and Designer
Made in: Flash with Action Script 3
Project Date: September 2 2013
Project Duration: 1 Week

Zombanoia is a game where a player has to face an endless wave of zombies… originating from two screens: one in the front, and one in the back. Although a player is unable to see all zombies arriving, he can hear the sounds a zombie makes to determine where it is coming from. The result is an exciting game.

My Task: All parts of the game, excluding sound.


The goal of this project was to make a game that focuses on sound. We therefore decided to include two screens, instead of one, to make sure the players cannot see everything that is going on at the same time, therefore forcing him to rely on a different sense instead.

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