Mendel’s Meesterwerk


Genre: Serious Game
Team: 3 Artists, 1 Programmer/Designer, 2 Programmers, 1 Producer
My Role: Programmer and Designer
Made in: QT Creator with C++ and XML
Project Date: September 16 2013
Project Duration: 3.5 months

My Task: I build the dialogue system introduced in the game, that uses XML to store the dialogues and uses c++ to get the right dialogue out of the system at the right time. I also wrote most of the dialogues.

“Mendel’s Meesterwerk” was made for the University Museum in Utrecht. Its goal was to make children interested in the botanical garden of the museum.

The game allows players to create new plants at the university museum, by combining the “DNA” of plants that are already stored in the botanical garden of that museum (for instance, by combining the “DNA” of a cactus and a tomato plant, you would get a spikey tomato). They can do this by using a scanning device, that will scan small tags near the plant, and then upload the scanned plants to the plant generator, at which they can make any plant they want, by using the DNA of the former scanned plants (for instance, they could make a spikey tomato plant, or make something completely different, like a cactus with the leaves of a tomato plant). When a player is done making a plant, they show it to Meike, the main character of the game, which will then tell if the plant is the right plant for her to use. If it isn’t (for instance, because the plant needs to be soft, instead of spikey), the player can go back to the botanical garden to find a plant that has the attributes a player needs. By letting the player actively search for a plant with the right attributes, the player (the child) gets more interested in visiting the botanical garden.


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