Global Game Jam 2013: Stress Level


Genre: Casual Game
Team: 3 Artists, 2 Programmers
My Role: Programmer
Made in: Flash with Action Script 3
Project Date: Januari 25 2013
Project Duration: 48 hours

Changing the looks of the game (art, camera etc.) according to the amount of input the player gives.

Global Game Jam 2013’s theme was: heart, which we associated with stress. Our game is therefore focused on remaining calm, and withhold yourself from the tempting art of Button Bashing. Stress Level measures the amount of input the player gives, and alters the game accordingly, giving more visual feedback, the more a player acts.

Stress Level is a singleplayer, one screen, fighter game. The player controls one unit, which he should use to kill any enemy that closes in on him, appearing from any side of the screen. He does this by dragging his own unit over the enemies. The more enemies the player kills, the higher his score will be. If he is hit by an enemy, the player dies, after which the game starts anew. As told, the focus of the game lies with remaining calm. This does not mean the player shouldn’t do anything however. Instead, the game rewards those best who act frequently, but not vigorously. A passive player will only see a dull gray screen, whereas a stressed out player would see a massive amount of colors and a shaky camera. Stay calm, respond in time, and you might set a new high score.


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