Hobby Projects: Gloomhaven Classes + Choose your own adventure


Team: 1 Designer
My Role: Designer
Made with: Cardboard/Photoshop/Google/Boardgamesmaker
Project Duration: many hours

My passion for games is never ending. As I do a lot of programming during work, I love to forgo those skills in favor of more design during my off hours.
These three images include custom classes I have made for the game Gloomhaven, and a Choose your own Adventure than can be read here.

My Task:
As usual: the design and writing is done by me, but I tend to use google images and edit those for the art. Also used the freely available Gloomhaven assets.


Project Date: 2020-2021


Gloomhaven is an amazing game that I have played with my brother and a friend for some years now. As soon as I noticed that the assets for these were made publicly available, I simply had to design some classes for that as well.
These two classes include the Possessed; a priest that is haunted by a demon, which offers her a constant choice in combat to use her own divine magic, or succumb to the demon and use its darker powers. And the second class is a Druid, that has the ability to change into various animals and gain abilities based on that.

The Choose Your Own Adventure is based on the tabletop roleplaying game: Het Oog des Meesters, an old dutch version of what is currently known as The Dark Eye. As it is old, and mostly meant for children, we always take great joy in some of its funnier design choices, such as the need to vocally express your spells before being able to cast them. Give love to the old system by reading about it here.
The story takes place in a world known only as the Chaos, which of course is a setting I play one of my various dnd campaigns in. It should still be playable for those not familiar with the setting, and I welcome you to try it out. And of course: if you have any questions, don’t hesitate but send them here.


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